The solution to your stagnantion is here - no longer will you be stuck in the prison of mediocirty. Become the King you were always destined to be.

There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction. - John F. Kennedy


        Think Like a King


“I looked and behold: a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.”


Pretend that prophecy is about you. Pretend you've been given a crown.

It can represent anything you want in life: Money. Talent. Fame. Success. Power. Sex. Love.

The question is, will you take it?

Mindset is the only thing seperating us from our potential.

Look at the white rider. He takes the crown then tests it's power immediately. As he conquers, he strengthens his own belief in his prophecy. soon he's unstoppable.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. A postive feedback loop. But it started from an idea: that the crown could represent anything he wanted.

So his kingdom comes. Figuratively, then literally. Internally, then externally.

Kings' Rising is about mastering this mindset. Put simply, it teaches the art of turning dreams into reality.


It’s no coincidence Kings wear crowns on their heads. This is where their power comes from. The mind is the only organ that named itself. But it also names and values everything else. That's power.

But what do we do with that? Can we learn to rule from this crown or does it overrule us?

"The mind can be a terrible master or a great servant." But we still get to choose.


But what do we mean when we say "King"? Historically, a King weilds the highest authority in his kingdom. He enjoys a life-long reign, with no checks or balances to his authority. No questions asked.

Maybe this title doesn’t sit right with you. Maybe "King" sounds egotistical. But ask yourself: Do you believe you have the right to rule your life?

If so, keep reading.


If we’re to become kings, we need a prophecy. A divine rite to rule. Theologians debate the identity of the white rider described above. Is he a hero or a villain? The savior or the Antichrist? Right now we only need to be concerened with our own prophecy. Lucky us. We get to write it ourselves.

Of course, it's easier said than done. Many people don't attempt to master the art of manifestation, because it doesn't seem to work for them. This is because they prophecy from a negative headspace.

When someone says "don't think of a pink elephant" the first thing we do is think of a pink elephant. What we resist, persists. Negative manifestation works in the same way. When we try and manifest from a place of fear or hurt, we say things like: I hope I don't fail my test! or I hope she doesn't break my heart! Behind the "hope" is an underlying fear. This is where manifestation goes off the rails. Rather than draw from our crown, we buckle under its weight.

Everyone practices manifestation, whether they know it or not. The problem is, they don't know how to do it. So they manifest chaos.

There are many ways to break this cycle. One way is a method called lucid thinking.

Have you ever had a lucid dream? What did you do when you discovered you could control it?

To many, lucid dreaming has become an art of its own.  People practice certain techniques to activate this awareness. This let's them dream up all kinds of fantasies.

What if we could do this in real life?

We can. And this is how:

Lucid thinking can be broken down into 5 steps:






Once we can master this process, we can repeat it with more ease and accuracy. It allows us to revisit and reshape our manifestation. Most importantly, it let’s us measure our success. This is what motivates us to continue.


So first things first, illuminate.

Masters of lucid dreaming practice awareness as they drift off to sleep. They turn on a kind of light in their dreams. Once they spot a “glitch in the matrix” or some kind of irregularity in their world, they see the dream for what it is. A fantasy. So they take control.

In a way, that’s what we’re doing in Lucid Thinking. We turn on on a light inside our minds. It shows us the glitches in our own thinking. The lies we believe that hold us back from postive manifestation.

Nothing real can be threatened, so we shine a light into our minds to overpower the darkness or lies that could prevent us from really manifesting positively.

Ask yourself some questions in this process. Are you more optimistic or pessimistic in this moment? Sad or happy? Excited or overwhelmed?

It’s important to guage where we’re at. Our mind is the garden in which we plant our dreams. We don’t want to grow a crop of nightmares, so we evaluate the quality of our soil carefully before we plant.


Our next step, is to elevate our state of mind. Illumination can only show us where we’re at. Elevation is where we need to be. Notice how we haven’t even started manifesting yet. We’re still prepping our mindscape.

We can't so easily snap out of our emotions, and everyone has their own way of trying to elevate their mind. So think of what has worked in the past. How can you shake the lies? Maybe you talk to a friend, or listen to a song. Maybe you lift weights or go for a run. It could be as simple as sipping a cup of coffee or taking a breath of fresh air. Whatever it is, we need to introduce some kind of ritual or activity to shift our mood and set it up for success.


Now comes the fun part. You turned on your mind light and you elevated your perspective. Now ruminate freely. Picture the life you want. A life you need. If it was a movie, what's the ending like? Picture it in detail. See it. Feel it. Taste it.

Where’d your mind go?

Some aspirations are more easily defined than others. But they can be intangible too, like skills or abilities.

Where your mind went, focus on how it made you feel. The satisfaction or sense of pride and achivement this thing has given you. Save this feeling.


Now it’s time to activate the dream. Action may seem premature at this early stage of the process. After all, you only just started to imagine a future you wanted.

We don’t have to be intimidated here. It's important to note that action doesn't have to be big at first. In fact, it's better if it's small so we can make adjustments as we go. The dream is still being formed. So keep the activation part simple. For now, just write down the dream in detail. Maybe it’s a to-do list or some kind of vision board. If you don't like writing, try speaking it alloud. To yourself or a mentor. Give yourself accountability.

Again, don't be intimiated. No one knows what they’re doing when they just start. Don’t set impossible standards for yourself. Remember that perfect is the enemy of good. Allow yourself the space to fail and improve.

From illuminating our minds we were able to identify where we were falling short. Through elevation, we brought our minds to a healthy place to begin positive manifestation. From there we ruminated. We let our minds run wild, and our dream began to materialize. This allowed us to take action, and activate the prophecy.

That brings us back to the beginning. Now that we've been through the process, we can do it again, and measure if our process is yeilding any results.

This is how we go from "incremental change" to "exponential change." It's slow going at first, but as we make another lap around the course, we find we can do it more quickly and with less effort than before.


Every metaphor breaks down. In a lucid dreaming, the manifesation is instant. In reality, we have a time delay. This is actually for our own good. We don't want to manifest everything, all at ounce. Not only would that ruin the fun, it would put us in danger. The time delay protects us from the whims of our imagination. We have a lot to learn, and we don't want to fly too close to the sun. So we continue to practice, one day at a time.

Just like the scientific method, lucid thinking is cyclical--we can replicate it over and over again, until we know exactly what we want to manifest.

To continue this journey, you need to show you're ready for the next step. On the next page, you'll get to do some lucid thinking of your own. The process will not only help you as you begin to write out your prophecy, but will also test your knowledge of the concepts this chapter introduced.

Welcome to Kings' Rising.

“Start close in.
Don’t take the second step
Or the third—-
Start with the first thing
Close in
The step
you don’t want to take.”

There are many Kings out there that are without their Crowns

Let's not beat around the bush here; you're here because you want to do better. You want to be better. Ultimately, you want to fully realize your potential and become the best that you can. You want to become the King you were born to be. You want to meet other Kings, learn about them and how they built their Kingdoms. That's why you're here.

It is now time to begin your journey. You will now get started along your path and claim your Crown. Just as you must learn to walk before you can learn to run, this journey will start with small steps and be one of continuing, exponential progress towards your end goal.

We have developed a challenge to get you started along your journey. If there is one absolute that every King must confront along his journey, it's mindset. You must have an unstoppable mentality and be fully committed to success, fully committed to building the Kingdom that you have envisioned. Our challenge will get you started along your journey, and should you continue along the path before you, boundless opportunities will be bestowed upon those that remain faithful.

Start the challenge and begin your journey towards claiming your Crown

Each King walks along his own path to claim his Crown

Ultimately, each individual King will walk a unique path along his journey of conquest and along his road to claiming his Crown. Your journey will be whatever you decide it is, for it is not the place of any man to instruct another in what he must do or not do. Rather, it is the place of a King to rise above, you teach other the lessons he has learned along his own journey and to provide an example of what is possible. It is your job to learn from your fellow Kings, bathe in their knowledge and wisdom and use the lessons you learn to find your way. The cycle then repeats, and you help to lift up the next King help him find his own Crown. Your journey will be one that is unique to you, but here you will learn from other Kings. You will learn just what it takes to claim your Crown and conquer your Kingdom.



Johnny was looking for wholistic transformation. He could write plays, compose music, act, and sing, but lacked direction. “My creativity was a graveyard of unfinished art. I could never finish anything.”  A jack-of-all-trades but a master of none, Johnny began searching for something to give him a higher meaning and purpose. “I bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles on a whim and started over.” From a barista in Hollywood, he went on to study playwriting, acting, meditation, hypnosis, and the law of attraction. He studied acting, and performed covert operations, spying in Scientology and Mormonism. He moved into a commune made of rocket scientists from Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and began working as an event coordinator for Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, and Beyoncé. “I wanted to learn the secrets of the universe from the inside out. Where science and spirituality converge.” Johnny now lives in Utah, writing and producing songs, as well as working in aviation and life-coaching through Kings Rising. “Since learning and implementing certain truths and practices, I’ve found direction and drive to pursue my own personal legend.”


right one

Before he started his journey, Conor felt stuck in his life; isolated, weak, and unable to apply himself and achieve his visions and goals. He would sit in a chair or lay in bed, but wouldn't take the necessary action towards succeeding and achieving his lofty ambitions and goals. The one day, enough was enough. Conor got off his ass; he starting going to the gym and lifting with great intensity. He dedicated himself to the practice of pursuing strength and purging the weakness within him. He practiced self-control, limiting his exposure to people and things that would hold him back from accomplishing his goals. He took these principles that he learned through lifting - Intensity, Dedication and Self-Control - and applied them in all his endeavors in life. He has found great success in gaining the strength he has needed to accomplish his many goals, thanks to the "IDSC" He continues to apply these principles throughout his life whenever a new challenge confronts him, and he always comes out better for it. Conor has found a passion and a strength within himself, and he refuses to quit or give up until he has finished what he started.



For many, achievement is the hallmark of self-worth. For Austin, this was an understatement. Growing up in a family of ten, the need to prove himself became an obsessive driving force at a young age. Despite receiving a full ride to the University of Michigan, starting multiple companies and nonprofits, and achieving a multi-millionaire status by the age of 29, it wasn't enough. "I still struggled with worry and burnout and had a hard time loving myself and others." Austin set out on a spiritual quest to uncover a deeper meaning and purpose. Through intense mentorship, deep inquiry into proven practices and spiritual disciplines, he began to formulate a new mindset to achieve peace and confidence in his life. Since then, Austin's life mission is to help others discover their own intrinsic value, so that they too, can find their potential and rise like Kings.


Andrew Futrell is the CEO of Mindset Marketing. He has a unique perspective on owning businesses, because he's been through the hard times - from being fired from jobs and having professional issues at the beginning of his career, to dealing with depression and anxiety in his personal life. In fact, he's been evicted from apartments and had cars repossessed.
But that hasn't stopped him.
Through the down times, he took to mentors and coaches, regained control over different aspects of his life, and has had massive quantum leaps since that dark time 8 years ago.
Now, Andrew helps entrepreneurs break through mental barriers to get to the next level in their business. His wit and wisdom have helped many people achieve success they never thought possible. When it comes to business or life, Andrew has been there and done that - and he can help you do the same.

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The vast wealth of knowledge and resources to help you become the King you are meant to be is right here, right at the tips of your fingers. Join the ranks of these Kings and many more, learn from and become friends with them. Use their knowledge along your own journey and repay the favor with the next group of Kings looking to learn from you. All of this start with the challenge. Don't hold yourself back from the greatness you can achieve. Claim your Crown and become a King, this all starts with the challenge below.


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